Friday, March 20, 2009

Picture a Day

March 13: My Father-in-Law brought some oranges home from work that were off of someone's tree! MMMM! I grew up with oranges like these... so yummy!!!

March 14: Yes more planning for that weekend crop I am going to for National Scrapbook Day in May! I think I am planning to finish about 30 layouts!!!

March 15: My little lady is climbing!!!

March 16: I bought a dry-erase board today to help me with my forgetfulness and lack of planning. I mentioned yesterday that I am trying to change three major things about myself for the rest of my life. And I have really decided drinking NO WATER throughout my day is REALLY NOT healthy! :) I am aiming for 6 cups a day for starters and have made it 5 days so far.

March 17: I started going on walks with my sister-in-law today, with the kids in their strollers :) But at the end they got out and picked flowers for mommy - how sweet!

March 18: Today on our walk we found a "lost" dog that had a tag with a name and number, so we called the owner and put the dog in our backyard, only to have him run away from us to go home just down the hill from us :) LOL.

March 19: Was my husband's birthday - he stayed home from work, we had an appointment in the morning together, then he had a little date-lunch with his mom, then we just hung out together till we went to dinner at BJ's :) This is the inside of the card my daughter made for him (that is me and him holding hands - sweet again :).


A happy heart at home said...

What a great idea to take a picture a day! It's neat to remember these things. Sweet card! I really like your blog design and how the "Jesus loves you" stays in one place as you scroll.


Petula said...

Those are great pictures... thanks for sharing them. I've never heard of the picture a day meme - that's cool.

Beth in NC said...

Very sweet pictures. The board with the water marks made me giggle. :o)