Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is my biggest accomplishment from last week's to-do list! We got my shelves hung in the garage and I organized all my scrap stuff! I unpacked like 7 boxes! I'm so happy, it feels like a bit of home again since we've moved!

So now when you walk into the garage from the house you see our bookshelf (which is often one of my biggest tackles), my Ikea scrapping shelves and my nicely put together desk! YAAAY!!!

Yes - that is the head of a bed-frame behind my desk :) I decided when we moved that I wanted to put our mattress on the floor and make the foot of the bed into the head... after I spray paint it and antique of coarse (which hasn't happened yet :).

During the move my poor plexiglas cracked down the side :( Still good though, and a good reminder that although I am severely cracked as a person I can still be used for the Lord who puts me together again, cleans me off and sends me to do His work :)

The crack there has almost become another one of my favorite things about my scrap space because of that encouragement from the Lord. Not only do l I love that my hubby made me that table, but I also like the things I put on it that bring me joy!

Like one of my favorite old photos of my hubby and I before kiddos, or the Thomas Kinkade greeting card that I framed :)... or the butterfly my sweet friend gave me at last year's National Scrapbook Day crop!

I also love this photo box Joshie gave me, it plays 'Wind Beneath my Wings' when you open it :)! I also LOVE the cup right next to it with the clouds, boat and waves - Joshie made that for me when he was an elementary school teacher... he was doing a craft with the kids and he made me one, it says I love you on the back :).

Carnations may not be my favorite flower, and I would much rather have the real thing over fake ones like these, but these are special to me because they are from my first daughter's baby shower 5 years ago! :) I can't believe I still have them - I just cannot get myself to throw them out!

Now the things I find funny...
The fact that I seem to like bookshelves for more places for picture frames than books :)!

... and that fact that I have WAY too much cardstock! ... this is all unopened! :) I have a whole other box with all the accessible pieces! I'm sure I will get to these eventually!

Okay - that wasn't a tangent at all!

Now on to my TO-DO's...
  1. Finalize car-pool, babysitting, and leaving time for my weekend crop in May.
  2. Plan layouts for my daughter's age 3 pages.
  3. Plan more layouts for my other daughter's baby album.
  4. Continue organizing to pack.
  5. Trim and organize all printed photos - ready for scrapping.
  6. Pick an outfit for Baby to wear for pictures with Auntie Charleen on Saturday!


Angela said...

What a beautiful, beautiful work area..Oh, I just LOVE it...((hugs)) I love what you wrote also..what a powerful truth girl!!

a good reminder that although I am severely cracked as a person I can still be used for the Lord who puts me together again, cleans me off and sends me to do His work :)

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, Carolyn....that looks awesome!!!! I love your work station! And I love those other cans you have!! I totally want another one!!! How much do you charge? I will totally buy one from you!!!!!!

Louise said...

Looks like the perfect place to scrapbook :)
Love it!
My hubby built me a space of my own for scrapbooking, I call it my very own corner of the world, I love it.
Happy un-packing and getting organized!

Bailey's Granny said...

I love your workspace. I sure wish mine was as tidy!

Wani said...

LOVE your space! I feel a little cramped in mine right now... maybe that is part of why I haven't been scrapping as much lately.