Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scrappin' Sunday

Oh my stinkin' goodness! It has been OVER 10 months since that last time I participated in Scrappin' Sunday! Now this is one thing I would LOVE to get back in the swing of...

... posting my To-Do's and Ta-Da's :) I really had a swing going that was helping me get things done! So here I go again...

My TA-DA's for this week are the first layouts I finished since moving in October!

The first layout is the end page in my son's baby album, the title page is HERE if you wanna see it. I usually like to made these two pages similar to the look of the album itself, and his album looks like this (it lights up when you push the blast-off button!)...
... so you could imagine that is why this layout also looks how it does :) And the robot also lights up when you push the button on his shoulder! :)

This layout is the first layout for my daughter's year of being two :) After my kids baby albums are done (birth to one year) they only get two layouts per year in the second album that will be theirs... everything else in scrapped in the family album that is for me and hubby. I hope I didn't confuse you completely :)

If you wanna see my daughter's second layout of being two it is in THIS post.

This is my son's first layout from his year of being one (just after his baby album). Don't mind the square of paper with the pink flower on it in the top right corner - I am missing a photo.

If you wanna see my son's second layout from his year as a one year old (one of my all time favorites!) it's in THIS post.

This layout was LONG overdue, it is the end page for my daughter's baby album! This page being finished means I am OFFICIALLY done with her baby album! YAY!!! I made sure I made this one super girlie, for my super girlie girl :)

Now onto my TO-DO's that I will keep as a rolling list from week to week as before...
  1. Complete and Send my order for Close to My Heart.
  2. Pick photos to scrap for my daughter's 2 - age three layouts.
  3. Start picking photos to scrap for my son's 2 - age two layouts.
  4. Pick Kiddie Kandid photos out online - and get printed.
  5. Plan more layout sketches for layouts that have photos chosen.
  6. Finalize car-pool, babysitting and leaving time for my weekend crop in May.
  7. Start organizing to pack!

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Auntie Velma said...

I miss you! I hope you are doing well. How are those little ones? I saw your comment on my blog, that is my "Mommy" on that "Technique" tag I created. I love doing those. She was 18 years old in that photo. She is now 87, and I still think she is so beautiful. I love her all the way to Heaven! Nice blog Carloyn!Where are you going in May? Are you gettin away for NSD?