Saturday, March 07, 2009

Picture a Day

February 27: My son brought this too me... "mommy look!" he was so excited...

February 28: It's been quite pretty outside lately... my kids even started eating snack outside again... yes - the cookies!!! But at least this time I WAS NOT the one eating them :o)

March 1: Yes more mischief - there is always SOMETHING to take a picture of! This is what my daughter decided to do with her "quite-time" instead of reading or napping! (One of our favorite books!)

March 2: Me and my hubby left for our one night getaway on Monday! This was just one of the adorable things in the back garden of the Bed & Breakfast... not to mention my adorable husband! Wait - I'm sure you didn't need to hear that.... lol!!!

March 3: This was a sight to see, I never realized that's what the inside of a crab looked like! (It was a much prettier purple in person.)

March 4: This blessed me so much, thank you Joshie!

March 5: And this ALWAYS blesses me! I LOVE it when I my son lines things up! And I love it even more to find him quietly and busily doing it when I get him out of his room in the morning, he's sooo cute!!!


Alicia said...

LOL @ the book!!! And the Samoa cookie is our favorite girl scout cookie!

L2L said...

we just recently had to "buy" a lost book for the library as CJ wrote all in the one we had. I am so amazed at how your son lines everything up, my kiddos never did that, really cool!!

Angela said...

I have those blocks also..The daycare children LOVE to line them up similar to what you have done...Beautiful pics,,,,

2boymommy said...

Your camera takes such good pictures!