Sunday, May 04, 2008

Scrappin' Sunday

I am sooo sooo tired after my first overnighter crop! I left on Friday and came back this morning before church. We stayed up till about midnight the first night and probably two last night (I barely remember I'm so tired)! PS. that is the answer to this week's Bonus Question. (Did you go anywhere or make anything special yesterday for National Scrapbooking Day? - if you wanna see some of the action check my recent posts :o)

I took a nap today so I am still up now, but I will have to scan my TA-DA layouts for you tomorrow :o) I only got two done, but I really like them. I added the sketches as a part of the bonus question below.

And a Bonus Question I missed from February 3rd: Do you sketch your ideas or do you just put things together as you go?

I totally used to put things together as I go, and I still will sometimes depending on the situation, but my time is spent best at crops when I have a plan! So I will pick my pictures (as shared last Sunday) then I will make a sketch (pictured above with the adjoining layouts), re-size them accordingly and send them to the printers like THIS.

So when I get to the crop all I have to do is cut the white off my photos, pick my paper and embellishments and start laying it all out! Much more fun and it uses less brain cells when I am cropping with my friends :o)

Here is my rolling list of TO-DOs... :o)

  1. Yes - I STILL have to put together my Rusty Pickle make-n-take
  2. meet with a new client for her wedding album
  3. plan a display album for a friend
  4. and a simple mother's day album for my mom


Miss Sniz said...

I can’t wait to see your layouts! I’m glad you had fun at your scrap weekend! I have never done that! Good luck with your goals this week!

Be well - Sniz

Lauren said...

Love the layouts! I really like that you use several pics on each page.