Monday, May 26, 2008

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

I've been in my word (but not enough). I visited my Grandma (she is going to be fine). I talked to family about my Grandpa (I guess him being sick was a misunderstanding). Thank you all for your prayers and for your patience, I miss visiting your blogs. Let me leave you with this song that hit me pretty hard this week, I just LOVE IT... enjoy!

Question: What is the hardest trial you have been through to date?

My Answer: I feel like my current struggle (I think with depression) is pretty hard, but I would have to say that my depression and anxiety before all three of my kids was even worse! Praise God that even though I have more on my plate I am doing better! I'm gonna keep fighting! Satan is not gonna punk me with this anymore!!!


Shari said...

I’m glad that you’re doing this meme today, even though it’s Memorial Day. Thanks for sharing about one of your hardest trials. With all of the smiley photos of yourself on the blog, people wouldn’t realize you struggled with depression. That’s the way depression is, I guess. There is a post today, called The Blessings of Depression, at

Michelle in Mx said...

my hardest trial . . hmm, I’d have to think about that one, but my head is aching like crazy right now and I can’t. I think I suffered from some phase of baby blues right after the last baby was born and really had to struggle through each day . . seemed EVERYTHING went wrong during those times. It was a long time and slow process to shake that cloud too! Ugh! I mean months! *Whew*
YAY for the victory you are claiming!!! I AMEN you sister!

Cristine said...

“Satan is not gonna punk me with this anymore!!!” I love that! I have depression issues, too. I’m going to remember this the next time a wave starts coming over me. Great bolg, by the way!

Heather said...

I’ve been missing in blogville for some time…
my hardest trial - currently is dealing with my husbands, best friends, father’s death - from cancer … … … which is bringing back a lot of memories of my own Dad’s & best friend (six months later) battle and death from cancer. Depression is an aweful disorder to have to deal with… but we know that each step we take toward our LORD — brings us closer to Him and getting out of this loop of depression. He will help us succeed. We can & I am praying for Victory … as He says we can in Psalm 108… for you, me, and all others dealing with depression - for victory to defeat it and again come to peace/joy and greatness in and with Him!

God bless Sister… keep pushing forward!

BTW - are you able soon to begin the Monday Walks again soon… I totally understand if not; as summer months tend to take a toll on bloggin for me.