Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scrappin' Sunday

This week I think my TA-DA would have to be the fact that I am FINALLY past the annual BIG crop for National Scrapbook Day that I have helped plan for four years running!

We had like 37 giveaways (with only 33 people), 4 make-n-takes, fat goodie bags, breakfast (thank you Starbucks!), lunch, dinner and desert!

I hope everyone was blessed, I shared photos of them doing make-n-takes and hoped to share Tutorials of everything we did that day for my party online, but my camera died!!! I know AHHH!!! Kinda ran my schedule right off till now... hopefully I will be back on track by tomorrow morning! Here's some photos of last years celebration (since my camera didn't die then, lol!)...

And here's my rolling list of TO-DOs... :o)

  1. Gain some scrapping sanity after helping with my last crop!
  2. Finish the Fathers Day Card Tutorial
  3. Finish the layout with my son's clothes for the online party layout challenge
  4. Make a Tutorial for my friend Melita's make-n-take from Saturday
  5. and another Tutorial for my friend Jenn's make-n-take from Saturday
  6. Choose photos to print for my Daddy and Mommy
  7. Meet with a new client for her wedding album
  8. Plan a display album for a friend?

Now for and old Bonus Question from the Sunday Scrappin' Site...

What are your favorite crafts sites?
I would have to say TwoPeas since I go there so often, Prima's Blog, Making Memories Blog, and I think two of my newer favorites (that you cannot find on my sidebar yet) are ScrapDragon, and FaithSisters.


Melanie said...

Wow Carolyn, you have a huge to-do list this week. Hope you get thrugh it all.

Have a great week.

Amy said...

I had never heard of FaithSisters– what a great site! :)

I’m sorry your camera died… they always seem to die on me at the worst times. And don’t forget this week’s SS challenge to use buttons (if you want, that is, it’s totally optional).

chrissym said...

Your crop looks like a lot of fun.

Storm said...

Looks like the crop was a lot of fun.

2Peas is very inspirational but way too socially clicky for me.