Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Layout Challenge!

After seeing 27 dresses last night with my Joshie and getting my wedding dress out to take pictures of it I realized how precious clothing can be to someone. In the movie the younger sister was given her mother's wedding dress because she was getting married first, but she didn't like it, so she cut it up (or got it altered) to make it into something different!

The older sister totally hated her for cutting their mommy's dress apart, but I see the point the the younger sister had! She was still savoring the memory of her mommy's dress, it was just in an altered state! It still brought all the warm fuzzy memories, but in a different form.

So my challenge for you today is to take a special piece of clothing or fabric to you, and alter it by making it into a memory on your scrapbook page! Sound like fun? :o)

(Oh and please don't think that I am suggesting you cut up your wedding dress, or someone elses!! :o)

Here is a layout I made WOW probably 2 years ago or so where I used JJ's cute little jean shorts right in the layout to match my favorite jean jacket on her in the pictures... (I wasn't willing to cut the jacket up, so I cut her shorts instead to make the jacket stand out.)

I also used my client's ceremonial handkerchief on her layout months ago as a flower (on the left) and a sewn border (on the right), I had a whole half of it left that I tucked in between the layout and the page-protector. You can see a close-up HERE.
And here is the next special piece of clothing I have been saving ever since B.Boy grew out of it! It was TOTALLY my favorite on him!... and here are the pictures for that layout as well :o)
Stay tuned for the unveiling of this layout towards the end of the party :o) I can't wait :o)


Charleen said...

I think Mommy cut up her own wedding dress…and hat! :) Clothing? How ’bout buttons? JK

Storm said...

Cute pics of the kids.

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Hi! I found your blog today, through a link from a link from a link kind of thing. :-) Just wanted to say I’m bookmarking you and looking forward to visiting regularly! I’m a little too late to jump in on the party, but I’m off to click all those links! :-)