Monday, May 05, 2008

Scrapbook Blog Party

You're invited... Are you planning on coming? All the fun starts THIS SATURDAY!!! :o)

And there is time to still donate a prize if you would like. (I would greatly appreciate if you do since I am planning most of them myself... even if it's not scrappy stuff like Starbucks or other gift cards :o)


Amy said...

You know I’ll be here!

The button is up on the Sunday Scrappin site. I’ll put it on my main blog, too! :)

Rebecca said...

If it’s before or after hubby’s R&R I’ll be there. Otherwise I’ll have to try next time. :)

Rae said...

Wow, I love the new site! It looks great! :)
Boy have I been away for a long time, so many posts here to catch up on. I’m excited for the Scrap Party though, last year was really fun! I hope you had a very happy Easter with your loved ones :)

Natalie said...

can you tell me about how to make a button for my blog???

also, i posted the button a while back on my blog! i am looking forward to this next party!!!

Trish said...

thanks again for the prayers-I didn’t actually scrap ysterday, but when I got off of work I chose a couple photos, paper and cardstock for a layout for my pet album-
hope you have a good day!

Kristine said...

Hi carolyn! I’m thinking of participating. I came across your site a while back but I’ve been really busy. I posted a pix of something I worked on today, hopefully I can make enough items to help you with your giveaway, or at least go through my stash. I’ll keep you posted!