Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I made some new friends...

At first I didn't like him here, he was just sitting and staring, threatening my time and space, I even thought I didn't like his angle... but I was wrong... he ended up being a great helper!
It was nice to have him holding the skeleton of my layout up to see from far away. I could make crucial design decisions and move things around a bit with the help of Maggie (the magnets), then pass it by some more to see if I approve the changes.
I could even remove Matt (the metal Mat) and set it aside (without my layout elements slipping around) and use Fred by himself to get things done in another room with the kids... see the little one in the background? I bounced her to sleep while I worked!
I must say Fred's angle was perfect. I tend to scrapbook sitting and standing at my desk and it worked well for both! It is a bit adjustable, but it doesn't not have multiple "locking" positions. I was also worried about Fred taking up too much space, but really he made more, I had plenty of room right in front of him to get my work done.
Matt and Maggie work awesome together! Maggie is strong, she even comes with felt pads (Patty? lol) to keep your elements safe. Matt is a gentleman also - he saves plenty of room above you layout for Maggie.
The craftsmanship of this product is above non other I have seen! It even matches beautifully with my handmade table :o) The arm to the stand locks nicely in the back when you don't want it propped up. Also there are clips on the top and bottom if you ever want to attach it to another Fred.

AWESOME! I was skeptical at first - but now I give it a 10 our of 10!

If you want more info on this spectacular product visit the FRED website at


Storm said...

Hi, dear. I have emailed you several times with my information but haven’t heard from you so not sure if you are getting my emails or not. My email is storm2c at zoominternet dot net.


Love this idea. Awesome layout. Thanks for the review.

Happy Mama said...

That is pretty spiffy. I like the idea of laying out all your stuff before you make it permanent

Trish said...

I saw FRED on, but enjoyed reading your post about it!

Rebecca said...

I saw this somewhere and wondered how it would be with that angle. Sounds like a great product!