Thursday, April 12, 2007

I like these Things

Today I would like to share both a scrapbooking thing and a personal thing. 

My MMMM for scrapbooking happens to be fun titles. I love stitching my titles, and I love chipboard.
To stitch these titles I wrote the word on my page with a pencil, and with embroidery thread I did a simple backstitch going over the penciled in word.

For the shinny black look on my chipboard monograms I first painted them with black acrylic paint, then I embossed them with ultra-thick clear embossing enamel.

As for the personal thing that makes me go MMMM... it's DANCE! I danced for 6 years... jazz, tap, modern, ballet... and I miss it a lot!!! I have a favorite movie that I have been watching all the time because I am borrowing it and am getting my fill before I have to give it back, lol. Here is one of my favorite scenes from Step Up.

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Wendy said...

The stitching looks really nice! I could not make it look that nice if I did it by hand :o)