Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pictures Taken

Frustration received!

My day so far made me need to come home and rest, so I am now venting to you. I am never going back to Picture People, they do NOT have good customer service!

I went both there and to Kiddie Kandids today... it wasn't that I was unhappy with the photography, or even the photographer at Picture People, I am just upset with their policies and lack of communication.
They were going to delete my son's 10 month photos without even warning me! So I had to spend $100 to get the ones I wanted today, because they failed to tell me two months ago that if I don't purchase at least one sheet the day of the sitting I cannot view them online, and they will not keep them any longer than a couple months... even though they told me they would email them to me two months ago! And even though I purchased some today they are still not going to keep them in their computer, so what I get it is what I get and that's it. I am sorry, but going though this is not worth $18 - $25 per sheet.

I am stickin' with Kiddie Kandids! They were so nice to me today, I went to sign-up for I time slot before my scheduled appointment with Picture People and since Picture People was so annoying I ended up late for my turn, but they took me anyway, they were polite about it, and they had no problem with emailing me my photos even though I wasn't purchasing on the spot, no questions asked, no dirty looks given.


Atasha said...

Oh dear. Sorry about that mess with those Picture People. I have known a few others who complained about them and 1 person said they actually ended up leaving with no photo. Their complaint was about the photographer and her lack of patience. I've never had the kids' photo taken professionally because I am just too cheap Atleast Kiddie Kandids were nice to you. It would have really been worse if you got there and they refused to take you.
Tomorrow will be a better day!

Morgan said...


why do people have to act like that?

April said...

Sadly, customer service is sometimes scarce these days. The good thing is you can come here and blog about it. Then you give Kiddie Kandids some good publicity!! Negative experiences are talked about much more than positive so if Picture People keeps it up, they will suffer loss of business and if they do not focus on the customer then they deserve it.

Wendy said...

I have had the same experince at our local Picture People! We are never going back there either! The pictures came out super cute though.

Karla said...

We have never liked Picture People either!!! I am not sure if you have "Portrait Innovations" close to you. They are WONDERFUL!!! Highly recommend them.

Lisa said...

I'm a scrapbooker too and I know that it's not good for anyone to get between a scrapper and her photos. Sears did something similar to me back when my son was about 3. I 've not been back to Sears for pictures since.

Danielle Ginestra said...

I was just looking things up online about Kiddie Kandids seeing what I could find...and I saw this and it totally made me smile because Vanessa and I took those pics a week or so ago : ) He is too cute. Thanks for all you said about us. We love our customers so much! You are so loyal!! We will see you next time : )

Heather said...

Wow, that's a crazy Pic People experience. I'll let you in on a little hint though, you can probably get them to keep your photos online for you for longer if they were shot last Nov or Dec. I suspect you didn't get the email because the server was down for quite a bit and stores were unable to upload. Now, I must mention that I was an asst. mgr for one for 12 years, and I am crazy about customer service, so my store was always great. We were also one of the older stores, still used film, and I had been there since about 8 months after they opened. This was great for my customers who would request me and I'd see their kids grow up. Since I have left the company I've had many of my old customers contact me to see if they could have me come out to shoot their pics. Now, and I have not been there since early January, so I can't say for sure, but in defense of the employees, after I left the company a lot of changes were made. In the past few months they closed a lot of stores and changed a lot of policies. Imagine how frustrating it must be for that employee to be afraid of losing their job and having to go by the book and quote company policy when they'd probably rather help you out. And now imagine a line of people angry at them for that. It is a reality, In my time there I've had people threaten me, hit their kids, cuss at me, and all because their child was perhaps not in the mood for pictures at that time, and after 45 minutes in a room the parent still would not take the child out, walk them around and calm them down. This makes the experience horrible for everyone involved, especially the child. Photography is a very unglamorous business, and often if the store is late for your appt., or keeps repeating the same thing to you it is because they have had a very bad experience with a customer prior to you and have to keep their composure and happiness no matter how abusive a customer was top them. That said, every company no matter who, PP, KK or Sears, etc. will have good studios and bad, and you have to make that determination for your area, but not assume that it goes company wide. And if you want more than 20 minutes in a room, the best thing is to hire a photographer who can come to your home and help you create personal memories that will be less stressful and way more memorable, with the added benefit that every pic of yours won't match your friends. Call your local college and put up a request on the board outside the darkroom. You will find affordable talent who will shoot your family for years and get to know their personalities. OK, so the PP cust. service number is 1-877-YOU-GRIN. They will go out of their way to make you happy, like we would have done at my store.