Thursday, April 26, 2007

Altered Lunch/Recipe Box Instructions

*These instructions are made using the Basic Grey LunchPail album kit, so if you are using any other type of lunchpail you will have to alter the plans accordingly... enjoy!

1. Pick your paper...

* If you are struggling with this task, I find that a lighter color on the top with a darker stripe on the bottom never fails. Also be sure you pick coordinating paper for the inner dividers mentioned in step 15.

2. Pick all paint and or brads and eyelets, because these have to put them on before the paper gets adhered to the box (not required).

3. Cut 2 -1/2"x12" strips for the bottom, and another 2 strips at your desired height.

4. Line your top paper up under the back of the open box top and make a mark of how tall you want your paper.

*It's alright if you make the second or bottom strip too tall, the top paper will overlap it.

5. Sketch a mark in the center of your top strip mimicking the shape of the latch.

6. Cut the notch out of your paper and test it... notice the paper starts right under the groove, that is just where you want it be.

*This does NOT need to be perfect (coming from a perfectionist), really no one else will notice it is crocked when the entire project is complete.

7. Cut another 2 - 1/2"x12" strips for the lid and repeat steps 5 and 6.

8. On the inside of your lid, using a butter knife bend the metal prongs up.

*Don't worry about scratches they will be covered in step 16.

9. Remove your handle and set it aside.

10. Cut 2 - 3 1/4"x7 3/4" pieces and round the corners with a corner rounder.

*One piece for the outside, one for the inside :o)

11. This is the step that you prepare everything before the gluing stage... in my case I painted all the metal that would show through, but if you have brads or eyelets to put on your paper, do it now.

*If you are using acrylic paint like me, be sure to put a top coat of
glue on before you adhere all the paper down, to keep the paint from chipping off too much.

12. Ink all the edges of your paper to give it a more detailed and finished look.

*Be sure NOT to ink the side edges were your paper will meet up. I did the inking while my paint and glue were drying.

13. Are you ready? Here comes the fun part! Gluing all your pieces down.

*Glue your back pieces down first, then your front, because the sides will overlap.

14. Put a protective top coat of glue over everything.

15. While you are waiting for your protective coat to dry, design your inner dividers.

16. Now that the outside is dry put your handle back on, bend the prongs back down and adhere your paper to the inside of your lid.

17. Decorate the front accordingly.
*Be sure to put a protective coat of glue over any lettering you might have.

18. Tie pretty ribbon to the top handle, and Wha-La! Fenito!

Let me know what you think of my instructions, share them with others, and if you make something come back and share it with me :o)


Rae said...

Wow that looks fantastic! And easier than I would've thought too. I might have to give this a try, it'd make a great gift to give away to my bridesmaids!

Thanks for stopping over & taking the time to leave a comment. The wedding is one month from today and everything seems to be going well, the stress sure is setting in right about now though! Thanks for sharing these instructions..I hope you're having a wonderful day! =)

Shanilie said...

What an absolutely beautiful recipe box! You really put a LOT of work into this.....I just love learning a new project and doing crafts. In the near future I hope to start doing more and updating my scrapbooking blog more often. You have REALLY inspired me! Beautiful....just beautiful. What a nice gift that would be for any occation.

Leida said...

Great instructions...especially for a beginer like me. You gave very clear and easy step by step and easy to follow. The pictures really make a differnce. Thanks for doing this. Your lunchbox is WOW....I love it.

Deanne said...

Totally awesome instructions!!! Makes me want to do one now!!! Thanks!!! Got your blog in my FAVS!!!

Sisterhood...celebration of the he{ART}

Karla said...

Thank you for sharing this tutorial, Carolyn!

I am going to add a post to my blog sharing this with others.

Lisa said...

That is awesome!! Love the colors you used. I even have some of that patterned paper. I may have to give it a try sometime. Thanks for sharing your instructions. :o)

DeDe said...

Very good instructions! I've done boxes but I didn't remove the handle--this is much better. BTW, I came upon your site through a link from a friend's cousin. My friend and I are in California and her cousin is in Florida! Small world.

Donetta said...

Great photo journalism girl. Good job on the project.