Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday for...

JBrooke7 and her Five Little Monkeys :o) Whom I just stumbled upon yesterday after visiting First of all, I am proud of you for having five kiddos... kudos to you! And now, what am I going to do for you today?
Well, I loved your post with little Noelle scooting tummy up, and thought I would take a video for you of what my son just started doing today! He only scoots, he doesn't crawl, but he is already pulling himself up to stand against the couch! :o)


Karla said...

I was just stopping by to wish you a blessed Easter, Carolyn!

Jessica said...

Hi Carolyn!
I had no idea that you wrote this post for me!! I must've missed it in the craziness of my life... So about 3 months later, thanks for the kudos!! And your kiddo, who is probably walking now, is SUPER sweet!! Be Well!!