Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Weight-In Wed
Here I am again - sharing for my second week and changing habits for my fifth! :)

It has been a good week. You may have seen from my post on Saturday that I have been thinking about doing the P90X workout videos, well... I bought them that day and have been getting ready for it since. I also bought a pull-up bar, a heart rate monitor and some free weights! I am totally excited... I am expecting the DVD's to be shipped by Friday and I am going to start the workouts on Monday with my hubby, my good friend Jenn and my sister-in-law!

Did I say I was excited?!!! :) Anyway, on to my progress this week...

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This area has been good this week. I have stayed in my "points" range for Weight Watchers everyday again this week with no extras used. Though I am starting to think doing such a heavy work-out program is doing to need me to make further changes... like more protein and less "snack" foods. I should eat more things that count, not things like chips, pudding, 100 calorie twinkie packs, or popcorn. (All of which I ate this week.)

38 cups this week compared to 14 cups last week! That comparison shows me I have improved, but there is always room for more!

I did say that I needed to pick this up more last week, and I have. I got out for an hour+ walk five times this week, much better than last week's one! I did no biking and no pilates.

This week's challenge was Father's Day - going out for lunch and having a big point meal... but I overcame - I ordered the sandwich with no bacon or mayo (which I don't really like anyway) and instead of fries I had a side of veggies. I also only ate half the sandwich making my meal only 10 points instead of 20, and I saved the other 1o for the next day without going over.

I have had a good attitude. I have been excited to get out and walk, without excuses and I pushed myself to order a very extreme set of workout videos... now I'm ready to Bring It!!!

Plans for the Week
I need to continue to get myself out for walks before I start P90X on Monday! I also need to hit my goal of MORE water! Especially in the heat and with a more extreme workout!

Start week: 184.5 lbs.
last week: 172.5 lbs.
this week: 171.5 lbs. - lost 1 lb. & 2.5 inches

Total lost = 13 lbs. & 6.75 inches

Since I only lost one pound I thought I would show myself visually what the difference is between fat and muscle, take a look... those inches mean something! :)


Jennifer said...

You are doing such a great job!! I love it!! Thanks for the visual on the fat vs muscle. I needed that. Can't wait until Monday!! Extreme here we come!!

Rebecca said...

Great job! I know someone that did P90X and loved it. Keep up the good work!