Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picture a Day

June 18: I don't know how I got on the subject, but I have been thinking of doing P90X!!! Now I can't get off the subject!.... am I crazy?!

June 17: I got to watch So You Think You Can Dance on tv this week, instead of on YouTube like last week :) I am really excited for SO many great dancers this season! I am happy ONE of the Kasprzak brothers made the top 20, but I think they should have let them both in and not taken Tony at aLL... I'm glad he was the first to go.
I am also excited about the choreographers, they have some new ones on that are doing a great job! They have some old ones that I am GLAD to have back. And they have one in particular that I wasn't sure about last season that I totally like this season! She's so cute!

June 16: My sweet daughter come up to me so worried on Tuesday... she asked me to untie lambie's legs :)

June 15: Ahhhhhh, still enjoying those flowers my husband brought home for me last week. I was surprised he remembered I liked sunflowers so much, since even I tend to forget until I see them again :)
Of coarse he knows I love daisies and and snapdragons :). But I also added those lavender fluffy things on the top left from what my son picked and gave to me from our backyard :)... so sweet from BOTH my men! :)

June 14: And look at this sweet thing they made in their Sunday School class :) Adorable!!!

June 13: ...Yes - more STYYCD! I had to catch-up online before I could watch it on tv on Wednesday :)

June 12: And yes - MORE cuteness from another one of my kiddos! :) He's wearing his daddy's work boots :).

PAD 2009

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Jennifer said...

Yes!! You are crazy with MEEEEEEEE!!!