Monday, June 15, 2009

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday
If you haven't noticed... I am totally getting caught up here on My Walk Monday posts, I think I have written like three this past week.

I am sorry for missing, I am working on being more consistent since you guys are "following" along WITH ME ;) forgive me.

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I said in "last week's" MWM post that God has been taking me ALL over His word and really blessing me with it, and I said I would share some of that "this week" so...

A prayer from Psalm 3...

You, O Lord, You are a shield about me, You are my Rock and I trust in Your strength. You are my glory, I am NOTHING good without You. You know when I am weak and broken, You care when I am sad and struggling. You take my breath away, always being there for me to encourage me through. You are the One who lifts my head.

I cry to You and You are always faithful to answer me, You ALWAYS listen and care, Your lovingkindness is beyond anything I can even ask or think.

I lay down and sleep and when I wake up You sustain me, You support me, You stand me up. You comfort me, You help me, You give me strength. You nourish me, You nurture me, You keep me alive. You keep me going, You provide for me. You hold me, You back me, You justify me! You alone are the reason I live.

In Jesus name!... I will not be afraid of the HUGE trial ahead of me and round about me. I trust You Lord with my husband and my kids, I trust You with my choices and my shame. I trust You Lord with my brokenness and pain... I will not be afraid of any outcome with You in charge because You are amazing God!!!

You know Lord that I often feel many are against me, not only my family or my friends but those I cannot see, they want me to turn from You. Lord, my adversaries have increased, they say of my soul "there is no deliverance for her!", they want to destroy me! But I WILL fight Lord, fight on my knees! I cry to You Lord, arise! Save me, O my God, for You have smitten my enemies! You are The King of kings and The Lord of lords, You are The Beginning and The End and I know how they end! You will destroy them in the pit of hell, they have NO POWER over me!

Salvation belongs to You my God and my King, and blessings are on Your people!

Blessings are on YOU my dear ladies!!! Now exercise that muscle of faith and GO!

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