Monday, June 22, 2009

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday
Now on to sharing some more of what I am learning from God jumping me all over His word and blessing me with every bit.

From Deuteronomy 10 & 11...
  • He tells me to circumcise my heart. (I think back to The Potter and the clay, with me yielding to Him I make room for His hands to get down in my heart and start the molding process!)
  • He doesn't want me to stiffen my neck any longer. (No more fighting the process and flying off the wheel!)
  • He tells me, "I am the Lord your God - I am great and mighty". This shows me to trust in Him.
  • I am to fear Him. This is a respect and trust I am learning.
  • I should serve Him in ALL things.
  • And CLING to Him - now clinging comes natural to me, I just need to cling to Him and not to my hubby, not to sleep, not to alone-time, not to food, HIM!!!
  • He is my praise.
  • He is my God.
  • He has done great and awesome things for me which my eyes have not seen.
  • Because of all this I am to love Him and follow His instructions, does He not deserve our love guys? If He has given His life, should we not be willing to give ours right back?
  • He wants me to keep every commandment that He commands me.
  • He calls me to be strong... and He even gave me a promise here - that I am to "possess the land" - He has been promising me a home outside of living with others (soooo exciting)... those awesome things He has done that I have not yet seen!
So I will love You Lord, my God. I will walk in Your ways and hold fast to You. Give me the power to tear down any other "gods" that stand in my way! Thank you for Your promise to me and my family. I do not want to follow You because You have promised me something amazing, I want to follow You because I love You and long to be even MORE in love! I want my life to be a testimony of Your love. I want other to know I have clung to You and yielded to You and surrendered to You my Lord and my God! I love You!


Angela said...

amen amen amen..I joined you in this powerful prayer that you shared...((hugs))

Rebecca said...

I know that it's Tuesday, but here I am!

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Here's the link to my post:

Have a blessed day, Carolyn!