Friday, June 05, 2009

A while away...

Sorry I have not written in so long... I am going to do a lot more soon though.  I have been totally bummed to be missing My Walk Mondays on time and my Picture a Day posts, but I will get caught up!

As I have mentioned before our internet service has been on and off and on and off again.  Well I was away at a Women's Retreat this past weekend and I couldn't even tell you all I was going because my internet went off for good last week!

...But my hubby fixed it while I was gone and now I am getting things situated at home before I plan some posts and get ready for this year's "BIG" crop that I usually help plan at my old church :).

I'll see you soon!!!

PS... I will be "back-posting", so the new posts will be bellow this one till I get caught up :)


Angela said...

I've missed you too but realize your plate is quite full, and God IS doing some amazing work in your life (your heart, and mind).

I can't thank you enough though for My Walk Monday. This being my very first Meme that I joined when I started to blog has become one that I cherish, hunger and grow in IMMENSELY...

Love ya girl...((hugs))

Sniz said...

What is the big crop at your church like? I'd love to have something like that here, but although we have "craft nights" at our church, it's usually just 4-5 of us die-hard scrappers. Although other people come occasionally and do different things like jewelry or sewing or sorting recipes, or whatever, no one else is consistent and most people say they "aren't crafty enough". I'd like to live vicariously through you!