Thursday, June 04, 2009

Picture a Day

June 4: Wakin' up a little late for having three little kids you think?! :) Thank the Maker for some extra sleep, He is so good :).

June 3: MMMM! Three points baby! Yumm!!!

June 2: I was happy to find this big guy at my home since I was struggling so much with the itchy bug-bites left over from camping! Ugly, but he does the job.

June 1: Back home again from my weekend retreat... back to toyland, toyland! :)

May 31: A banana slug!!! :) I haven't seen one of these since fifth grade science camp!!!!

May 30: The camp-grounds at the retreat were beautiful! These were just the weed-flowers that were in the grass, lol! :) God's beauty is everywhere! (I will share more pics later.)

May 29: I left for my "surprise" woman's retreat on Friday at like 10:30 in the morning, when we got close to where we were going we went out for lunch :). This is what my friends drink from my church on the East Side :).

PAD 2009

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