Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picture a Day

June 11: Thursday I found a new - old friend on Facebook, we were buddies in high school and she was in my wedding! :)

I also had a very bad day on Thursday, it was a battle that's for sure!!! The end of it got better for me though, my hubby came home with flowers, and I spent a lot of time with the Lord... just what I needed!

June 10: More facebook, geeze! I'm on there too often! It's another one of my downfalls... it even showed me that I only know 50% of my husband!!! LOL!!! (I knew the answer to the last one here, but I just thought the answer I chose was funny.)

June 9: Tuesday my kids had their lunch outside for a little picnic :).
And this is what JJ decided to do with the blanket afterwards - look at the peace :).

June 8: Monday I watched a little So You Think You Can Dance on Youtube :). I don't watch tv, so when I have time - I watch it online. It was more auditions... I like the Kasprzak Brothers a lot! I also remembered REALLY liking a Broadway guy last season too, so I looked it up and it was one of the same guys!!! I'm do glad he came back!

June 7: Let me just say... this is NOT for eating! :)

June 6: Saturday I went to my old church's annual "big" crop of the year, it was fun! I even got some work done!!! :)

June 5: Oh, and this is probably my favorite snack when I am craving peanut butter after making my kids pb&j! :) Only 2 points for my peanut butter fix.

PAD 2009

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