Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making my House my Home

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
I haven't 'tackled" in forever - it's been over a year.

But I have some God-given plans now that I would like to share. It's really been on my heart to live in my home and not just exist in it. To really make my house a home. The kids and I are here very often and I really think it effects us when we do not really make our rental homes our own.

I've always had excuses to be LAZY in the homes we rent. Like, not knowing how long we will lease, or not wanting to put money into something that's not ours, but then really, THAT is the problem. We FEEL like we are just existing in a home that is only temporary, that we cannot really LIVE in - no good.

So I am decorating. I started by painting an accent wall and buying a large mirror for my small space. This wall used to be white and bare...
Also in that picture you see my new round table. Before that all I had was a covered folding table with folding chairs. I wouldn't buy a real table because I was always coming up with excuses like them only working here for a year till we move again or something. This feels so much more lived in and permanent, it's nice!!!!

Here are the colors I have planned for my family room to tie it to this small dinning area that it is open to...
The blue Trout Stream is the accent wall I just showed you. The Old Mill is a close color to my large couch. India Ink is the color of my table, my mirror, my lamp stands and some picture frames. Then Brownie and Huckleberry are colors I would like to bring in for more accents.

I bought clothes close to these colors for my three children and had my sister / Charleen Fotografie take pics of them that I plan to hang in my family room as well. Here are some of the shots I will choose from...



I LOVE your work sissy - thank you!!!


Rebecca said...

Beautiful! Love love love your color choices. The pictures of course are great too. I know what you mean about it feeling temporary. That's how I felt in this home...over 2 years later it has still never felt like 'home'. I'm just now finally decorating (how I want) when we're closer to moving than we have been lol. I figure it will be good practice for the next place right? Many things you can adjust for another home too, turn something a different way, re purpose it, etc. Have fun! Can't wait to see a finished picture. :)

MageeMommy said...

It's been hard for us to get motivated while renting (except for the decluttering since we have about 1000 less sqft whew!). But we're doing the same now too with more decorating and making it more our home. Plus, even if we bought a house, who knows really how long we'd be there(my husband's job is project based right now). Carpe diem!

Visiting from Tackle It Tuesday. :)