Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tackled Relaxation!

This is what I woke up to yesterday morning :(

Pregnant mommy had a narcoleptic moment and didn't hear the kids up playing. By the time my older daughter came to me she was saying "Mommy they're into your stuff". I asked her "what stuff?" and she said Mini was writing on things with a marker. Oh dear, "what things?". "The couch, the wall, your pictures."


Happy to be prepared for what my eyes would see in the next room I realized quickly that mommy probably shouldn't keep that sharpie marker so handy in her purse!
Monday1 Monday2

This obviously makes the things already in my purse free reign for scribbles!!!
This hurt, because last Tuesday's tackle I spent ALL day making this book of notes for labor couching!
Luckily she mostly only scribbled in places that made things still legible.
I only re-wrote one page.
But I did have a lot of previously blank pages to tear out. OYE! How long was I asleep!!!???

The spots on the couch weren't as bad as I thought they could be...
... the magic eraser will get them out...

... just like it got these marks off of just about EVERY picture on the photo tin I made!

Before the magic eraser...

After the magic eraser...

Praise the Lord for magic erasers!
And praise Him that Mini decided to leave my Bible alone.
And that she didn't write on the newer photo tin I just made.

This was not all I had to deal with yesterday - it was just an exceptionally bad Monday - the kids were not "normal". So I was really worked on relaxation for me and baby in the belly. I realized later in the day that So You Think You Can Dance on YouTube is a great distraction!!! :)

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Rebecca said...

Oh wow! I've had those days too, I'm sure we all have. Darn sharpies. I didn't know magic eraser worked on pictures, that's awesome!

tirzahdawn said...

Hi, I am teaching a class "scrapbooking in the classroom" at an early childhood conference in the fall. Do you mind if I use your tutorial for the altoid tin? I would want to use a picture of the finished product as well as the directions. I would also put your name and blog information to let them know where I got the information. Here is my email: tirzahdawn@yahoo.com