Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
So I tackled for three weeks straight, then it looks as if I didn't tackle at all for three weeks after that! Really I promise I was getting stuff done, the progress was just VERY slow, or I was doing stuff that wasn't for my home.

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I have been slowly chipping away at the paperwork type things on my to-do list (below).
Why is it that paperwork is some of the hardest things for me to get done?!

My oldest daughter's birth certificate! REally CArolyn!?
I have been putting that off for 5 years and now that I need to sign her up for school I have a fire under my butt! She was born in a different county than I am currently in and I don't like the city that that county's recorders office is in. I've known that I could order online but I always made excuses! I finally got the application filed out and notorized this week (which TOTALLY was NOT a big deal) and her certificate is now on it's way :) FINALLY!

I also called her pediatrician from birth, her current pediatrician and made an appointment for a new pediatrician (since we moved) and got all the info I need to get her immunization records completed for school.

I even FINALLY printed out an application for my own schooling. I called the counselor last week and she said I should be able to do ALL my general ed. classes online - yippie!!! On the road to obedience I go! But I am not crossing things officially off my list until they are fully done and complete!

Like the packing of my hospital bag, it's only started. And the making of my labor index cards, lol, I only managed to BUY the cards so far... that's a start, right?

But I did manage to do ONE thing. I got rid of our old car that wasn't running :) I don't have any pictures to prove it like last time, but really I DID get it done :).

I even have a slightly funny blog post on all the cars I've owned :)

Now onto my running TO-DO list...
  1. Pack hospital bag - STARTED...
    - Finish packing hospital bag.
  2. Make labor index cards to help hubby coach - BOUGHT cards...
    - Start filling out cards.
  3. Get kids to doctors appointments - SCHEDULED for June 17th.
  4. Get birth certificates and immunization records - SHIPPING and waiting on shots.
  5. Get a work-space built for homeschooling in the Fall.
  6. Find online courses and sign-up to do my own general ed. - PRINTED application...
    - complete application and start enrollment process.

The stuff I finished completely...
  1. Donate car.


Rebecca said...

Yay for progress! I have a page long list of various things to get done over the next 2-6ish weeks and have barely started to scrape the surface. Packing the hospital bag isn't even on there lol. Have a great productive week! And put your feet up :)

MageeBaby said...

WOW! That's a lot on the to do list! I'm not much into going through the paperwork either. I have a continuous stack of incoming mail but usually do make sure and pick out the fun stuff like coupons etc. LOL :)