Monday, March 10, 2008

We Walk With Him

We Walk with Him

I started My Walk Mondays in hope to have a home for accountability and encouragement in my walk with Christ Jesus. 
Each week I will write a post on a bit of my walk with the Savior. It could be anything like what I've learned that morning in devotions, what I'm struggling with, a new worship song I learned, a prayer request, a new Bible study I started, a praise report, you get the idea... anything that is a cause for growth in my relationship with the Lord.

If you want to follow and do the same...
I created a button so you can post it on your blog to encourage others to join. Just click the button below to find the page with the code to copy and paste the into your posts and/or your sidebar.
Or you could just leave your info in the comments on the posts :o)

Find all of my - My Walk Monday posts HERE.

May you always walk and talk with Jesus... now go and be blessed.

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Brook said...

Okay, I grabbed the "We Walk with Him " badge and posted it on the side bar of my blog. I hope I did everything correctly. Nice to "meet" you. I look forward to participating in your "My Walk Mondays". :)

Kindest regards,