Monday, March 24, 2008

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday
Hello everyone that is visiting for My Walk Monday, Welcome!

For the past two weeks I have been faithfully reading the book I felt impressed upon my heart to buy at the ladies retreat I went to recently... I have been learning a lot, here is my list... (When I read books I write things that stick-out in a separate journal so I have it all in one place to pray over it and let it sink in better.)
  • If I want to die to my self I must willingly suffer.
  • God is jealous for my attention and wants what I am most reluctant to give up (what I lean on more than Him). If I am not willing to give it willingly He might take it in love to teach me... do I want this?
  • He removes the human help to supply us with Himself (this is hard but I want Him to be first).
  • We receive according to our faith, either much or little (I have been praying for a new home), this was encouraging.
  • I need to be careful regarding my resistance to the Holy Spirit. I need to stop refusing to drink when I am brought straight to the fountain.
  • I need to receive poor circumstances with an enduring trust in the love of my Lord ie. my recent birth experience.
  • I need to recognize when I turn good circumstances bad with the attachment to my love of self.
  • I want to be fixed, but that is not what I need... I need to be slain! I need to stop looking to be changed automatically and let brokenness come. Only that which is first broken can be fixed. (Heavy I know)
  • In my walk I need to stop focusing on living and being kept alive... Instead I need to let death come.
  • I need to recognize when I am not willing to conform to God's plan and change when I do.
  • The trials I go through and the strength He gives me come in the same measurements (always enough).
  • Despair at our imperfections is a greater obstacle than the imperfection itself. (Read that again)
  • I need to concentrate more on Jesus...
  • If I focus on the things He so wonderfully gives me, I am still focusing partially on me.
  • God wants me to LET GO so I can be free to walk closer to Him (He wants me! This was also something strongly impressed upon me at the Ladies Retreat).
  • Faith will help me joyfully accept what God has permitted. (Where does faith come from? Rom. 10:17)
(These next two go hand in hand as they where really heavy on my heart last Thursday because on Tuesday and Wednesday I was really close to panic attacks and partial pity parties! I felt so attacked and lied to by the enemy!)

  • I need not be concerned with how I look or what others will think, I just need to focus on doing God's will for my life.
  • "One quiet moment in the presence of God will more than repay you every bit of slander that will ever be leveled against you." (Even by the enemy)
  • I need to welcome hardship with friends as the hand of God helping me to grow.
  • Either fully surrendered, calm, peaceful and effective or selfish, afriad, angry exhausted and distrated???
  • I need to stop continually talking about my problems and just hand them over to God.
  • I need to rest knowing that God permits the actions of those that hurt me, and be obedient, quite and gentle no matter how hard it may be.
  • I must determine to only hope in God.
  • I need to humble myself and submit under His hand, and become submissive and manageable as soon as I notice resistance or disobedience within.

Week 3 Bonus Question: What Bible studies or books of the Bible are you currently going through? And how do you feel about it/them?
My Answer: I am going through Beth Moore's 'Breaking Free' with the women's Bible study at my church. It just started last Thursday so I haven't done any of the homework yet, but I am really VERY excited. I now that God is going to do a work if I am faithful to not jump off the potter's wheel (Isa. 64:8 :o) Just the DVD introduction last week was awesome... here is some of what I already learned...
  • Victory always begins with a cry for help.
  • Am I more frightened of the Holy Spirit working than I am of the enemy?
  • God wants victory in our lives to be the rule, not the exception.
  • God wants me to know what went wrong so I can learn... that is is why He doesn't just fix me.
  • Our prison doors are locked from the inside!!!!
(Need I say more on how exciting this study could be!?) WOW! I am also learning a lot out of James (that I also write separately in a journal), and I figured I would share that all once I am done with the last chapter.

Just another thought. I will probably add the things I want to share on my Monday post throughout the week from now on, so it's not all late on Sunday night :o) If you want to do the same just start a post after your devotions on Monday morning and save it as a draft adding to it each morning till Monday. See you around my wonderful family in Christ.
Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Ephesians 6:10


Tracy said...

Thanks for adding me Carolyn ~smile~.
Am I more frightened of the Holy Spirit working than I am of the enemy?
Wow that’s such a loaded question and one I can really relate to. There have been times when I’ve dreaded opening the Bible because of the overload of revelation from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the enemy seems tamer and easier to control. I hope that doesn’t sound crazy.

Josh said...

I have no blog to post from since you are the blog master in the family, but know my Love that I am blessed to see God working in you and blessing those around you and those around the world. Keep on spreading the Word. Matthew 28:19-20 Be encoraged that God’s Word never returns void.

Heather said...

Thanks again for keeping the meme going… it’s truly important that we continue to spread His Word and how it is helping us through each day! He’s truly blessing and working on you & each of us.

God Bless, HL

Joy said...

I wanted to thank you for being obedient to your Lord! I have been so blessed as I have read your Devotionals. It is always so exciting to see God work. The book you are reading sounds extremely powerful! Wow. I know you will enjoy the Beth Moore Study. I did that same study approximately 5 years ago (I think I could do it again!) It will change you and open your eyes to the freedom that Christ gives us in so many new ways! it also extremely powerful. Thanks for your precious honesty with all of us!
Many blessings, Joy

Deborah said...

I tagged you today…here’s the link: