Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday's Thing

This week's thing is a Pioneer Album.

But this week's thing is also not happy.

I would not suggest buying any of their albums.

I have had too many bad experiences... (view photo below)

Do the photos speak for themselves? ...I know... can you believe this album was trying to fall apart not long after I got it in 2001. So I attempted to re-enforce the screw tops by putting washers around the posts (which was actually a good idea because now you see good albums coming with washers around the posts), it worked for a while as long as I didn't handle the album pretty much at all. This happened the day I decided to actually look at the album to find a layout to scan and share in my 7 things post. I also have one other Pioneer album holding on for dear life... and my SIL has had EVERY ONE of her Pioneer albums fall apart on her, she is still in the process of replacing them! Please learn for our mistakes :o) You get what you pay for.

Check back next week and I will share some of my favorite album companies... :o)


Amy said...

Thanks for the warning! I have one Pioneer album (not done yet) and was looking at another. Now I know to keep looking!

Amy Wyatt said...

For some reason I haven’t received your mailing address yet. I would like to mail you the prize you won but I don’t know where to send it. If I missed it on email somehow I apologize, but I don’t have it. Thanks. Hope you have a great Easter and that you will join in on Then Sings My Soul Saturdays again this weekend.

Jenny said...

I’ve been meaning to try scrapbooking but I don’t even know where to start.

Rebecca said...

I’ve given up on postbound albums all together because of this very issue. So much easier for me to use three ring albums and not worry about adding posts or if I’ve put too many pages in or used too large of embellishments.

Jenny said...

I’ve been meaning to try scrapbooking but I don’t even know where to start.