Monday, March 10, 2008

My Walk Monday

So as you know if you read Sunday's post God showed me a lot of disobedience in my life at the retreat I recently went to... well one of my first steps of obedience was to buy this book.
I usually always find interest in the book reviews and always look through the books at the book table, but I NEVER buy any of them, even if I feel like I am supposed to because I always have the excuse of having too many unread books already at home.
Well this time I bought the one that was jumping out at me (now I see... for obvious reasons). It's a good book so far and I am only the second day in... it's a daily devotional type book. Mine was only $3.50, good thing too, it made it easier for me to be obedient in buying it :o)

Here is what I am learning so far (some of it is review but with my disobedience I NEED it)...
  • my selfishness is a painful chain that binds me.
  • dying to self would be less painful than being bound to it.
  • that which is dead does not suffer.
  • I can choose to carry the cross God means for me to have, or with my unwillingness to suffer I can add a tormenting inner battle to it.
  • I will suffer more and with less growth if I continue with stubbornness clinging to self.
  • humility makes me more easily teachable.
  • personal weakness helps me realize that God wants me to be lowly and obedient. (There's that word again!) This is a choice I have to make, something I just have to do.
Week 1 Question: Do you know the date of your born-again birthday? How old are you spiritually?

My Answer: Yes it is January 5, 1998. I'm 10 years old this year! :o)


SusieQ said...

I was a child 9 years old so I can not give you the exact date, many times I have wished that I rememered the exact date but I don’t. But what is more important to me is that if I had not excepted the Lord at age 9, I would not have known to call on Him several times in the next few years when He saved my physical life.

Josh said...

I was 7 years old when I recieved the Lord. It was on June 17th 1987. I will be born again 21 years this coming June. :D By the way I am WAY stoked that you have started this weekly event. I am very proud of you sweetheart. MUA! :P

Amy Guerino said...

I was the age of five with real tears of repentance as my mother told me. I don’t know the exact date either but when my daughter gave her heart to Jesus we celebrated and made a memorial stone that is out in the garden with the date. We have a little yearly celebration when hers comes up.

Jill said...

This is a really good thing. I look forward to participating on Mondays.

Cheri said...

Sounds like I need to purchase this book!! He’s been working on me in the obedience dept. lately!!