Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Walk this week... not Exactly Monday!

My Walk Monday

So... my walk this week! :)!!!!!!! I am so excited, you don't even know!

I was TOTALLY blind, but NOW I SEE!!!
I have been praying and asking God for my "crying under the piano" experience (an example from another man's testimony that has always stuck with me), you would understand it better as my Damascus road experience (Acts 9). I have been waiting for a LIFE CHANGING realization and the Lord started this work on Monday (when I should have written this post).

We had friends over on Monday for labor day. It was a great time of fellowship, but it ended up in a heavy heart and a trying night for our friends after they went home. In short the Lord had given my friend discernment into my life and by her sharing this with me "immediately there fell from my eyes something like scales, and I regained my sight" (Acts 9:18). I AM FREE!!!! and am more EXCITED then ever to run this race with endurance!

I knew this particular friend was a Godsend, but now He has even shown me that she was His messenger He sent ahead of me to prepare the way for me, to be a voice for me and get me ready for the path already set in front of me (Mark 1:2-3). He has amazing plans for me after my Damascus road and I cannot wait to walk in power and obedience!

Jesus told me He is moved with compassion for me and that He has stretched out His hand and touched me, and has said to me "I am willing; be cleansed!" (Mark 1:41). Thank You Lord!

I may not have realized it ahead of time, but He has been getting me ready for this for a while now.... He is amazing!

Looking back in my personal journal from September of 2008, this is a fulfilling of the promises of GREAT THINGS He has done for me, this is Him restoring the years that were eaten by the enemy! (Joel 2:21-27). This is Him saving my crushed spirit (Psalm 34:18). This is Him building me up (Jeremiah 42:10). ALL so exciting!

From January of 2009 right up till now God has been calling me to LIVE and has now given me a deeper power and wisdom for that calling! He told me in Deuteronomy 11:31 that I am about to go in to possess the land which He has given me, and I shall possess it and LIVE in it. He told me in Ezekiel 16:6 "Live! Yes, I said to you while you were still in your blood, Live!" And in Ezekiel 18:32 to Repent and Live! Also from Proverbs 4:4 & 7:2 He said "keep my commandments and live." And most recently (yesterday) He said "Forsake your folly and live, and proceed in the way of understanding" from Proverbs 9:6.

He has told me that the home He has for us will be arrayed in fine gold and silver... I thought "okay, that just means He will give us a nice house", but this promise is even BETTER than I thought... Proverbs 8:10 "Take my instruction and not silver, and knowledge rather than choicest gold." He is promising me a house full of knowledge and instruction! He had been showing me that wisdom IS life and now this verse shows me that He is promising me LIFE in wisdom! AMEN!!!!

I only hope you can read all of my excitement in all of this because I REALLY AM EXCITED!!! :)

May you always walk and talk with our Lord Jesus Christ!


Paula (Believing Woman) said...

I saw you left a comment on Angela's blog today. I saw your profile image and thought to myself. Hmmm...I know the name but not the face. Have you lost that much weight? No're looking so pretty!!!! Love the new look of your site. If you ever get bored and want to play with a blog design, I'm available, lol.

Alicia said...

Oh, Carolyn!!! That is so exciting to read! Yes, I can feel your excitement jumping off the screen!!!!

Angela said...

What you wrote for yourself can be for me also. WOW...amen amen amen..yes

He is promising me a house full of knowledge and instruction! He had been showing me that wisdom IS life and now this verse shows me that He is promising me LIFE in wisdom! AMEN!!!!