Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm so Alive and So Amazed at You!

Another song God gave me in the car :)

'So Alive' by Brenton Brown... totally perfect lyrics for the change in my life recently! Read HERE if you are wondering what I mean.

So much love, so much light I'm alive again
My first breath gazing into you
Open eyes I can see you've been calling me
This is who I was meant to be

So alive, so alive living in this love divine
So amazed, so amazed at You
Moved from dark to blazing light,
Your love took me by surprise
Now I never want to live away from you
I don't ever want to live away from you

Breathing out, breathing in
i'm revived in your love
So content so dependent on you
Just a child but I'm yours, what a mystery that you, the God of all
Would make me Your own

You changed my life, you saved my life
You put your love so deep inside
You turned things round, you set things right
I'm dancing in this love i've found and [all over intro chords]

... and here is a short cut of the song just to give you the idea of the sound... I couldn't find it anywhere else... sorry!

Thank You Lord for shining on me and showing me so much love. Thank You for the refreshing of life I feel You have breathed into me. Thank You for removing the scales from my eyes so I can see clearly, taking me from the darkness into Your blazing Light to see. Thank you for so clearing calling me out of the oppression I seemed to be bound to. Thank You that I can finally feel and see again who I was meant to be all along.

I'm so alive now Lord, so alive, now living in Your love divine! I'm so amazing at the change, so amazed that You would want me after all I have done, I love You! I never want to live away from You! I'm so content in You Lord, I ask that You would grow this contentment and never let it fade. Thank You so much for turning things around and setting them right, I am so amazed in You. Thank You - I love You!



i havent heared the song.. Ill try to find an audio of it. God bless you sis.

Brook said...

What a great song! I will definitely need to check into buying this album or at least the single. Thank you so much for sharing and joining TSMSS!

Hazel said...

It's wonderful to be alive and have a life. It's even more wonderful if there's God's love in the life :)

MsRay said...

We have all the reasons to shout for joy because we are loved by God :)

sarah said...

Hey Scraping, thanks for the comment on my gentle recovery blog. I could never tell anyone what happened but since blogging and writing, God has shown me I need to tell. I need someone to know. I never told. My blog details my journey to overcome the damaging effects of child abuse and rape.It's been a place to practice telling people in my life about how what happened. Sarah

Mocha with Linda said...

Great song and testimony!

Erica said...

Thank you for sharing, sounds like a good song and I Like the album cover =)!

Warren Baldwin said...

Linked here from Valerie Lynn's blog. Great song.