Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm His!

I love those non-Christian songs that you can TOTALLY apply to the Lord when you are so in LOVE with HIM!

When you feel His love so strong it melts you, but not the kind of melting that comes from temptation, falling or failing, it's the kind melting that comes through refining. When I am tempted though I always try to get back and I give it my bestest with nothing to stop me.

Lord, I know that right now it's my time to run this race to win, and learn as I go! I won't hesitate no more, it can't wait!!! I am totally Yours Lord! I am willing to change the way I think, I want to subject myself to the path YOU laid before me, Lord I want to finally SEE and be FREE, I want to look into my heart and see nothing but a reflection of Your love!!!
I want to live in unity with the body of Christ my family and learn to really LOVE as YOU loved! Lord I won't hesitate no more, it can't wait, I'm sure there's no need to complicate. My time is short, this is my fate, I'm Yours!

I've been spending way too long checkin' the wrong things in this world and bendin' over backwards to hide from You when I do, but there's no point because You know me better than I do :o). You can also give me the strength to rid my life of these things, and You can teach me to plant myself and finally GROW, You tell me "the sky is yours!". But I won't hesitate no more, it cannot wait, Lord I'm Yours and Yours alone!

I think this song is very well known - it's 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz. (Sorry ladies for the ear nibbling part! lol - rest assured I don't relate that with my God!)


Debra said...

It's funny...I had never heard this song but it was playing and my son came in and he instantly knew it! lol

One thing is for sure...I'm His too and I'm with you on that one, my sister.

Happy Sunday!

Sweet Blessings said...

Hi Thank you for visiting my blog!:) Love Jason Mraz (and ear nibbling-lol). Great blog! Amanda:)

Anonymous said...

That was GREAT! I had never heard of him before. The song was vaguely familiar, but I'll be looking for more of his stuff!

Thanks for the visit and the comment. My advice? Baby steps. Stealth baby steps.

And that fruit, veggie, leaf salad you posted a photo of? That looks really good. Would you post the recipe?

Angela said...

My sons play this song alot of times and I JUST LOVE IT!!! that is so cool that you are sharing it today...NOw I know what he looks like...It is a blessed song to my heart...
((hugs)) I have CRANKED up the speakers,,LOL

Peggy said...

Thanks Carolyn! You made me SMILE! I too did like you take regular songs...non'Christian and sing them to God! I'm YOURS...certainly fits! Just too cute...I was bopping all around my house!Have a blessed week!

Trish said...

good to hear from you:) I'm so glad you are doing well and I do look forward to chatting again-I think it's time for bed now though, my eyes are getting blurry!
take care

Cheryl said...

Great song! Thanks for sharing! Loved your words as well.


Thanks for the visit to my blog. Come back anytime!


Darlene said...

Great song... I have never heard of him...but I love the song!
Thanks for the encouragement and visiting my blog and comments!
I like your blog and will be back...
Sweet Blessings,