Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some Haute Cards…

...yes more from my Haute Artist 'Butterfly Kisses' Kit...
Here every piece of product used was all from the kit... no extras :o).


Forgetfulone said...

OMG! Absolutely gorgeous!

Kalisha said...

I love those! So beautiful!
I was just stopping by your blog to see what’s been going on. I hope you are doing well, I miss you over at 5minformom Tackle it Tuesday. The pics of your daughter are so adorable too! Just looking into those sweet eyes must give you motivation (I know–I get mine from my daughters hugs and kisses!)
I was also writing to see if you could help me. I want to contact Janice and Susan to do a Wordless Wednesday/Giveaway. And I wasn’t sure how to best contact them. It is for a mom-owned company started when her husband died from skin cancer. I am helping her with her blog and I wanted to spread her message because she hasn’t really promoted herself in the “blog world.”
Let me know if you can help. Thanks a lot and take care!
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