Monday, September 01, 2008

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday
I don't have much to say today other than I am extremely happy in my walk because I have been listening to Bible teachings all day on my computer!

There was one particular pastor (I think it was Paul Sheppard) this morning that hit me right on the nail. It was wonderful to hear so straight from God, but I do wish I were taking notes!

Maybe I will ask my hubby if I can purchase the recorded version? :o)

Here's some of what I remember from today....

"What are you learning in life? It determines on what you are yolked to.
It's no wonder you have no rest if you are yolked to anything/anyone other than Jesus!
We are to put on the Lord Jesus Christ."


Michelle in Mx said...

you know, it’s nice not to have to read through a sermon . . so when you don’t have much, it’s OK. It’s enough. Glad you’re extremely happy!


Oh . . .we need a mr.linky. Is that set up yet?

Alicia Minyard said...

I did my walk Monday!!

Christin said...

Soooo true. I am pleased to hear you are happy in your walk. It is really good to have the Word playing so that it can write itself on your heart. Keep up the good work! God is faithful!

R said...

Here is what I wrote for Ocotber 20, 2008

Ruth Stiles said...

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