Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tackling Something Different

...this week I will still be tackling my client's wedding album, along with my crazy children and the housework which I will update you on later today, but late last night I started getting serious with my Christmas cards! Three of them are going out in the morning, lol! The rest need eyelets, ribbon, writing, and envelopes still. Here is what they look like, outside and in...

Recognize the stamp I used from the stamps you all helped me decide on back in June? This one was by far my favorite!


  • I got a ton of my laundry done because I decided that it all needed to sit in the middle of my kitchen! My kitchen is much closer to the washer and dryer and I cannot have that out of sight out of mind problem anymore.
  • Of coarse before I dragged all the laundry in there I cleaned up the kitchen floor.
  • I also (finally) got my front room picked up of the toys that haunt it...
  • I even swept under the Christmas tree!
  • On top of all this I finished my Christmas shopping,
  • got a little grocery shopping done,
  • finished putting together all my Christmas cards
  • another 7 of them will go out tomorrow (I need more stamps)
  • I even managed to stay sane with my kids and play a new board game with my daughter that she got for her birthday :o)


Ruby said...

Hi, Carolyn
Beautiful card, andf I love the message!
Merry Christmas!


Tyra said...

Beautiful card and kids! I only managed to make 2 cards this year, I think I’m just going to save them and continue making them for next Christmas.

Teresa <3 said...

Beautiful cards!!! I hope to finish my cards that I started last year for next years Christmas!

Speaking from the Heart said...

You have inspired me to design n 60 something Christmas cards for 2008. I better get started.

feefifoto said...

Wow! What beautiful works of art! And the card is nice too. ;}

Jennifer said...

I love to scrapbook, but have yet to jump on the card making wagon.
You, though, have inspired me.
That card is gorgeous.
I’ll be visiting this blog again. :o)

Melanie said...

wow..those are beautiful. They are like a gift in itself. I am sure anyone who receives that will be so blessed! Great job! Merry Christmas!

Forgetfulone said...

I finally got my cards out yesterday!

Jan said...

Your cards are lovely!!!!

Kerith Collins said...

holy cow…that is awesome…if you take away everything but the card part…then forget to mail them so no one gets a card…that is my card…love it.

Karla said...

What nice cards, Carolyn! The photo is too precious!!

I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past year through blogging. You are such a sweet person.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2008!