Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Pre-School Photographer

My little girl's birthday was a week ago... she is three years old now, I can't believe it! We got her a digital camera for her birthday that she totally loves. I just thought I would share the only two good pictures she took with it out of 60 :o) You can tell both me and my husband squashed down a little to aim for her :o) Enjoy.


Sarah said...

My DD got the camera last year when she was 5 and she loves to use it. Although some shots are really good, there are shots that I have to nonchalantly delete. For some reason she has enjoyed taking pictures of things in the dark, go figure. I have a feeling she will soon be asking for her own real digital camera. Did you know they also make cases for the cameras as well? I think the run around $13

God bless,

Amy said...

My 4 year-old DD got the same camera for Christmas! It’s fun to see the shots she takes. Some of them are actually pretty good.