Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Working... and less Tackling!

Well, here are some more peeks on the layouts I have been working on for my client's wedding album.
I am moving right along into their honeymoon pictures....

... and I'm happy with how much I am getting done, but I am also noticing I am falling a bit behind on other things.

  • dishes
  • laundry folding & washing
  • gift wrapping
  • Christmas card making & sending
  • continued tree decorating (we ran out of ornament hooks)
  • Bible studying

This is a picture of gifts hiding under clean laundry that I need to fold, lol! At least it's useful :o)

Okay, maybe I am a little more than a bit behind :o) Though I did balance the checkbook, I did the bills, and I picked up the house. Pray for me :o)


Donetta said...

Oh life!

Michelle said...

ok i’m going to remember that you make beautiful cards! it’s hard at this time of year when life is so busy! good luck

Kerith Collins said...

yea...my house looks like that...but mine is due to my blogging addiction.