Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Motivation to Stay Healthy

Weight-In Wed
These are all pictures of me just before I found out I was pregnant. They are from my S.I.L.'s birthday dinner October 19th. I like them because you can really see the weight loss (20.5 lbs at the time, I went on to lose another 6 after that) in my face, even with all the strange expressions! :)



And of coarse I have pics of those I want to stay healthy for... :)




I was 164 pounds there and even though I am almost 13 weeks pregnant now, I am 159 pounds.

Before I was pregnant my body mass index was on the high end.


I am still planning on gaining a healthy amount of pregnancy weight throughout the entire pregnancy. But I am also not pannicing if I am not gaining because if I weighed 139 pre-pregnancy with a BMI of 21.2 and I gained 25 healthy pregnancy pounds I would still weigh 159 :)

No worries here, I have some "breathing room" :).


Alicia said...

You look so good, Carolyn!! And I can't believe how big the baby is now!!!!!! She is soooo cute, just like the other kids. I miss you!!!

Rebecca said...

Yep! Pregnant together. =] I posted about it some weeks ago, well more about the m/s lol. I'm due July 12 so we're just a couple weeks apart in our due dates. Hope you've been feeling well. Congrats on the weight loss! I know you worked hard for that. Glad you're not worried about preggy weight. The baby is adorable and not so 'baby' anymore huh.

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