Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I'm here - I'm all moved in to my new place.

I am still unpacking and organizing, but I am excited to say my scrap space is all set up and ready to go! I have even made six handmade thank you cards at my desk already! :) So exciting. I really want to take pics for you, but I am still camera-less! (Since August can you believe it?!)

God has really been speaking to me the past couple days on not being afraid to be busy. I noticed I am almost fearful of commitments and busyness because I don't want to be even more the flake I already know I can be! I don't want to be too "tired". I think this "fear" was such I "small" one that I let it slip past my radar. I know to watch for fear because of my enemy, but this fear was all jumbled up in excuses and laziness and other things that I was just noticing the other things and not noticing the root.

Well needless to say, I don't want to be incapacitated, so I am planning my way out!
  • I planned to be a leader in our Jr. High youth group without feeling overwhelmed with the commitment. Tonight was our first meeting and I really REALLY enjoyed the time getting to know the kids.
  • I plan to make birthday cards for all my nieces and nephews from now on... I want to be a better Auntie. I put the first one in the mail today!
  • I am planning to go to my friend's house with my kids on Friday along with some shopping in my new town and planning for a scrapbooking event! I'm used to staying in all day... I usually don't have a car, but know my hubby takes public transit :).
  • I am planning my hubby to be out all day Saturday without having a bad time about him not being home to help.
  • I am going to my other friend's house on Monday (whom I now live closer to :) - my kids NEVER have play-dates! This is a GREAT step for me!!!
  • I am planning my daughter's first slumber party with a couple of her little 5 year old friends. Baking, dress-up, games, and a movie :).
  • I am planning another Saturday without my hubby for him to go and hang with a friend he has TOO LONG not seen! And again... no bad time about not having him home to help!
  • I'm planning another small birthday party for my soon-to-be two year old! Only a week after the sleep-over! Crazy - especially for me!
  • I'm planning to have a Close to My Heart table at my friend's home-bazaar type thing on the 30th.
  • And on the 6th I am planning a Close to My Heart - Valentine Gift Workshop at my house to teach my friends and family how to make some very cute and yummy gifts for their loved ones. (I hope to have a tutorial or at least pictures to share.) This will be my first real attempt at a Close to My Heart gathering!!!
  • Also my 9 year wedding anniversary is coming up and so is Jr. High Winter Camp... I am still working on the good attitude for the close date vicinity of this one :)... I ALWAYS want a weekend with my hubby! My weekend! Mine!!!... wait we don't have to celebrate THAT weekend... duh! :)... I told you... I'm working on it.


Rebecca said...

Wow you are quick to unpack that scrappy space! Awesome :) Sounds like you've got great activities and aspirations.

Happy Mama said...

Hey friend long time no see. I know I have not commented in a VERY long time and I have not blogged in like three months But I have a good reason My brother in law is designing my very own sight and well it is taking way longer than I thought it would!!!!
Anyway I am getting back to my online friends even though I have been reading your blogs all along! I see you are expecting again as am I Congrats!

I wanted to just tell you I wish we lived nearer er each other I think we could be great friends because it really seems as though we are sometimes we are traveling down the same paths at the same time!

I guess we have been traveling the same path of attitude yet I was forced into busyness because of the nature of ministry yet my attitude was not what it should have been! Appreciate your outlook and I too have been making the same decisions!

Hopefully I will be back to blogging soon. I am going crazy! That is for sure and am ready to be back! Hoping you love your new house!