Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Weight-In Wed
Also on this Meme I missed two weeks, but I will update my progress in the end :) I told you last time that I was getting ready for P90X, well today will be my 17th day! And it's been GREAT so far! The nutrition plan that I decided to do that does along with it is a LITTLE crazy, but I am hangin in there :).

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Again as I mentioned... this has been a little crazy... the plan for food that comes along with P90X has three phases. The first phase that I am in is very high protein - low carb, it's called the "Fat Shredder" phase... just the name alone keeps me going!... but I LOVE my carbs! I have been eating 5 servings of protein, 2 dairies, 1 fruit, 2 veggies, 1 fat (no junk), 1 carb, 1 snack (not junk), 1 condiment (no junk), and 1 protein bar every day or so for about 15 days now! The nutrition plan is more work than the workout!!!!!

My water intake has been GREAT since P90X! I HAVE to drink it with my protein bar, so that's easy. And it is also easy because in the workouts you ALWAYS have water with you and I drink a ton while working out! NICE!

I haven't missed a day yet.... well, Sunday's are supposed to be my "rest days" and I accidently skipped a day in the middle of the week last week, so I just worked out on Sunday to make up for it... problem solved!

The biggest challenge in my new workout schedule is timing. I am doing this with my hubby, so we do it after the kids go to bed... but they don't always SLEEP when they go to bed. So one of us ends up running up stairs while we pause our routine. We also tend to wait till it is WAY late in our day! We were doing Plyometrics at midnight on Saturday!!!!

The other challenge is TOTALLY the food! Weight Watches for me was way more realistic! But I am shredding fat here guys! (right?) So I am sticking to it!

I am doing EXTREME workouts and I have not hurt myself!!!!!! :) Praise the Lord for that!

Plans for the Week
I need to plan better for the food side of things!!! More preparing all day than at night after I've worked out and konked out!

Start week: 184.5 lbs.
The weeks I've missed....
July 1st: 168.5 - lost 3 lbs. & 0.25 inches
July 8th: 169 - GAINED 0.5 lbs. & lost 1.25 inches (building muscle)
Today: 168 - lost 1 lb. & 2 inches

Total lost = 16.5 lbs. & 10.25 inches

Since I have missed so many weeks of Weigh-In Wednesday it is already time for another month of progress photos!!!

From the first pic to the second I am down 12 pounds... then from the second to the third I am down another 4.5 pounds.

Again from the first pic to the second I am down 4.25 inches... then from the second to the third I am down another 6 inches!
I LOVE visual motivation! It's nice to see the rolls going away!!!


creative gal said...

way to go!!!

Angela said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..this is SO awesome girl..Way to go...It's just amazing isn't it..Your right about the rolls,,I look at myself in the mirror also and remember the BOLDERS I used to have,,( no rolls, mine were bolders girl,lol). The only this I didn't do like you was having measurements and the progress of my weight release. I just found before pictures a few months ago, other than that, I don't know what my inches were before I started, except that I was close to a size 24....

Keep up the great work!!

2boymommy said...

Carolyn, I am so proud of you! I can totally see a difference in your pics. You are amazing! Keep up the awesome work, you can do it!!!

Rebecca said...

Wow girl, you are doing awesome! Keep up the great work to maintain. You go girl!!

Charleen said...


Natalie Marie Guarascio said...

Wow, I can't believe how good you look! Contratulations, I am so proud of you.

Turf Dad said...

Hey Carolyn,
Just came over from Blog To Fit. I've seen that P90x on TV, it looked tough! You are braver than me. The results are fantastic. Is your husband "shredding" too?