Sunday, July 05, 2009

Great Weather for the Beach...

...or and least for beach pages :).
Join me in sharing your T0-do's and Ta-da's for Scrappin' Sunday.

TA-DA: here is my most recent layout. It's fun from my birthday beach baby about a year ago :) The layout is another sketch from PageMaps, from October 2007.

It was fun to change the bottom scallops to waves, though I am not entirely happy with how they look together.

I also really liked the journaling block position, and my hand-written word with the liquid glass over it.

I liked all the positions of the flowers - though I think I am majorly running out of brown ones!
I think these are probably my last ones! - not good! I guess I'll have to paint the rest brown since I most likely won't use bright green :).

Oh yes - I mentioned back in May that I wanted to start making cards from the scraps of my layouts... well here is one from this last layout.... it's a simple one for me.
But it's still nice to have around in case I need to say Thank you :).

Oh and these next pics I took are part of proof that I finally did the things on my To-Do list running from 7 weeks ago!!!
  • I hung the ledge in my bedroom for my black and white family photos :).
  • And I finally hung my Lighthouse photo from Ikea :).
My room is feeling a little less lonely now :).

And this week, I don't think I am going to set any To-Do's to do, too much to do! :)


Angela said...

I just made a video on Saturday with what I did in our bedroom...I love the lay outs you made. They are just gorgeous...

Rebecca said...

Great pages & cute card too! I love getting things hung on the walls.