Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picture a Day - Catch-up!

WOW! I am pretty far behind here! So now you get to look at my backlogged daily pictures... 3 weeks worth! :)

July 16: Today my P90X workout will be Yoga, so I thought I would share "the wheel" with you! I would love to show you "the crane"... but I can't do it yet!

July 15: Take a look at this! :) I have lost 4.5 inches on my waist and my belt is proving it!

July 14: On Sunday we visited my sister's church. We ended up having my daughter stay with my sister all this week (an hour away) so she can go to VBS there! I miss her waking me up in the mornings! :( But SHE is doing fine - I think I am doing worse than her :)

July 13: And here she is :) I can't believe she's old enough for Vacation Bible School already :)

July 12: I have been so behind on laundry lately... it's not even funny! This all got folded just a couple days ago, and I already have more!

July 11: :) My birthday - it was a tough one because of circumstances, but it was nice to go out with my hunny for dinner :).

July 10: Oye! I think this is proof that I am also behind on things other than laundry! "Just empty the trash Carolyn, for goodness sakes!!!" It also shows you how well potty training was going last week with those full pull-ups and many empty rolls of toilet paper in the trash! (It's going MUCH better this week.)

July 9: Yaaay! The stork! :) My older sister had her second baby last Thurday! It is also the same day as our Mom's birthday :).

July 8: Through all the hard times had last week God is ALWAYS faithful! He always speaks to me with something I need right when I need it... I love You Lord!

July 7: Yep, and there it is! Mommy's bane. I was already struggling with anger a bit here and there last week, but this was aggravating it - lol - I am glad I can look back now and see that I am fine and God carried me through!

July 6: This was the start of our second week on P90X and it was nice to already see improvements!... yes we are doing pull-ups and push-ups! The K stands for Knees and the C stands for Chair, I am doing all of this particular workout assisted, but I plan on working my way up! :)!!!

July 5: Sigh - this is a photo I shot on my anniversary with my hubby. It is and was a happy thing, but just recently it makes me a bit melancholy... but it also reminds me to pray and THAT is a beautiful thing!

July 4: I love the forth of July! This year we went to a BBQ at a friends house that we haven't hung out with in a while (so nice)! She made me this red, white and blue candle holder :). We played and the park and stayed up talking! When we were driving home, on the freeway we saw fireworks and continued watching them out our windows at home... GREAT view!!!!

July 3: I couldn't believe I burnt this many calories! But hey if the diet has me eating 3,000 I am HAPPY to burn 1,000+ :)!

July 2: Look, I had to throw this is in here... my daughter found a random pen and drew this interesting character on a pillow!!! This will be a fond memory through the years when I am changing pillow cases :)... I miss her!!!

July 1: Oh and these are the other types things I will miss finding as they get older. I love my little people!!!! LOL.

June 30: My friend was so sweet! She took me shopping with her and helped me buy things that helped me eat more of my daily protein. This peanut butter Clif Builder bar is my favorite... especially with no other sweets allowed all day! Thank you Jenn!

June 29: Here is a glimpse of why I was having trouble...

June 28: oh too cute!! A couple weeks ago my sister got a new puppy that my daughter TOTALLY loves! My daughter doesn't usually like dogs AT ALL, but this little guy is so mellow and laid back, she couldn't resist! (I think he's smiling here!)

June 27: Ah, this was the day me and my family did the P90X fitness test! It was fun, the wall squats killed me, but we are supposed to get better in 90 days :) We have already made great improvements and it has only been about 15 days!

June 26: (I miss you my friend!) This is me and my Teeny! She put this picture up of us on Facebook a couple weeks ago. It was from the ladies retreat a month and a half ago when she went swimming with me in her clothes! :) (I love you!!!)

... and of coarse somewhere in there I watched So You Think You Can Dance! :)
... still lovin' all the great dancers...
... but I am having a hard time with some of the choreography this season.

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Alicia said...

Carolyn!! I always love looking at your pictures!!

Happy Belated Birthday & Anniversary!!!!!

Love you!

Rebecca said...

Hi, Carolyn! Congrats on the waist-loss! WaHOO! I haven't posted much lately, but I'm catching up on reading my friends' blogs today. Maybe I'll get some posting done tomorrow...or the next day!

Hope you have a fantastic week!