Monday, July 13, 2009

My Walk Monday

My Walk Monday

Bad and sad! I made a good friend of mine upset the day before and she later called me in her anger and the conversation did not go well... it was very sad and ridiculous actually. My husband got involved and tried calling her husband about this phone call, but no issues were resolved :(... just both husbands sticking up for their wives, as they should :)... unless someone is wrong.

I also had a hard time seeing this same friend later in the week. I made sure to hug her good and tell her I loved her :).... but only more issues came after this.

So there I am even Deeper into this MESS for another week (the second Monday I missed). Her husband ended up getting even more involved in a very incorrect way and the MESS got BIGger. But this time instead of sticking up for his wife, there was no attention on her, all the attention went to MY husband, ewh! ***Sigh*** Totally wrong.

In the end my hubby tried to make things right, but EVEN in the end there was more confusion and more hurt.

But God is good all the time and I KNOW He has something special planned! I know He is working this for our good.

Anywho... onto the fact that I AM here now :) Not skipping THIS Monday :)
From Daniel 3 & 4 God has shown me that...
  • He will send an angel and deliver those who serve Him from the fire, WHEN they put their trust in Him :).
  • We can yield (there's that word again) up our bodies to NOT worship any god except The Lord... we can MAKE ourselves obedient!
  • He WILL deliver me from fiery trials!
  • He wants to humble me to show me that He is in charge :).
  • My dreams (I've had in the past) are there to show me that my anger is a weapon of destruction. It kills others and destroys me in the process.
  • He wants me to raise my eyes to heaven and bless His name on high!
These were amazing things that God showed me, it's like He spoke to my very soul, knowing me better than I do... I LOVE it!!! Now tell me... what has He shown you?


Angela said...

I've noticed that a few of my followers have now grabbed your button for this Meme. I have many comment how they enjoy these My Walk Mondays. I get more reponses from your meme than my own,lol.

((hugs)) This is for all the hoopla that has transpired dear sister with this issue.

Strife: a difference of opinion that leads to anger and wrath.

That is what happens doesn't it. It continues to grow and grow. From an 'older sister' and one that used to get into A LOT of these situations before, I would encourage you to pray (which I know you have been)...AND (this is the hard part, but one that truly opens God's deliverance)...STOP trying to 'fix' the situation. By the sounds of it, NO MATTER what you and hubby try to do to make it right, it just gets worse doesn't it. In the book of Proverbs it talks so much about this. When you share something with someone, and their spirit is not willing to receive it, what happens is more strife comes, the person continues to built up walls and justify their own actions....Let God do the 'fixing'.

I think of Proverbs 29..the fear of man will become a snare but those who trust in the Lord, will be kept safe.
By what you wrote, you have tried to make amends and seek forgiveness. The person is not willing to accept it.It's pointless to keep going back and trying to fix it until this person is ready. It's like adding more fuel to the fire (like you hugging her, and telling her you loved her). She took it the wrong way didn't she? sigh....been there girl!
Encourage hubby to try not to get into any more conversations with the other woman's hubby seems like strife is blinding the others to see your heart, they are busy looking at the offense and missing the blessings that are being offered...

sorry for the ramble,,LOL..You know me, I can never make anything short,,lol

Rebecca said...

I'm sorry you're going through a hard time with a friend. I've been there and it's rough. No matter how the situation resolves it will be for the best and you will learn something from it. You are a student of life and from what I can tell try to learn and grow from everything. Keep your head up.