Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Forever Tackling Toys!

My kids like to dump out their toy bins in their room to use them to stand on, sit on, even have a picnic on?! I am starting to hate toys and am really not liking the teaching process so my daughter will learn to pick up after herself, but I know it will be better in the long run.
And this is a view of my constant pick up in the family room... my daughter moves ALL the pillows to the floor and puts her animals to "sleep" with ALL of the blankies from the blankie basket... at least this is an easier pick up :o)


Rhen said...

Amen!! With 6 of them running around and each one playing with something different makes for a landmine zone throughout the whole house. Yikes! Love the bears!

ethnicscrapbooking said...

I’m with ya…TOYS!!! URGH!!&%@#@

I’m down to two small baskets in the family room and slowly clearing the shelves in the toy closet…told the grandparents to chip in for a Discney trip at Christmas instead toys.