Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Project for Me

Take a look at what I started last week...'s going to be a twin sized blankie for my dear daughter. I am crocheting it with my own directions because the last time I used a pattern with this stitch it went vertical and I totally messed up on it! That was with the blanket I made for my husband that he totally loves with ALL it's flaws. So now I'm adapting those directions to make the pattern horizontal.

My daughter says, "Oh mommy are you making me a blankie? Oh I like it!" ;o)


just a flipflop mom said...

BUMMER I can't see your pictures.. I've made a few things that I posted on my blog... go peek if you can!!!

Wendy said...

So beautiful!!

Rae said...

Aww, her response!
I love it so far. I need to make one that color! My momma made half of a pink one for my future baby and I finished the second half, but I really love that shade of purple.. I'm gonna have to make another!

Thanks for asking about her too! She's doing better, she still is going to follow up appointments a bunch. Slowly but surely getting better though, thank the Lord! Hope you and your family have been doing great, and glad to hear the pregnancy is going well!