Monday, October 08, 2007

New Project Update

Do I love control or I'm I just a woman of order?

I couldn't handle not having a full plan for my blankie project, so I made a chart on my computer.     

It helps me know how many rows I will have total, how many rows will be light purple, how many will be dark, where my rows are and how much yarn I will need.

I am currently completing row 32 and have run out of yarn, but now that I know how much I need of each color and have more peace about purchasing.   

Take a look at my progress... I am hoping to have this done for my daughter for Christmas.... I especially want it done before my baby is born, because I don't want to get too overwhelmed to finish it.


Rebecca said...

It looks beautiful! I tried crocheting a few times & didn’t get much further than a single chain so I really appreciate those who can crochet and/or knit. I love that you did a chart for the blanket - I’d say you’re a woman of order.

Lauren said...

That’s beautiful!!