Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

I've been tackling the organization of my scrapbooking supplies recently... mostly paper. I am re-sorting by color the papers I will keep.
Including putting my 8.5x11 sizes with the 12x12 sizes in color order.
I am sorting the papers I want to get rid of.
I am sorting supplies I can most likely use for Wendy's scrapbooking swap on her blog. Check that out here... sign-ups end this Saturday!
And I am putting aside things that can be sold on ebay... this step is by far not done, I still have a large rubbermaid bin to go thru...
This all helps with the overall look of my office (once it gets out of the hurricane stage) and it helps me get more actual scrapbooking done! Who'd a thunk?! :o)


Rebecca said...

I need to reorganize my case and get all the ‘extras’ around the house into one spot. Looks like you’ve made great progress. Thanks for sharing the info about the scrap swap - I just registered. Oh and let us know when you put your stuff on e-bay and where we can find it. Looks like some fun stuff in there!

Jan said...

Good for you! Come organize me when you’re done! LOL!

Diana said...

Great tackle! Wish I had more time to organize my scrap much less time to actually do some pages.

Mommy said...

You too are a brave woman! I scrap book also. But I may turn to digital. Saves more time. I homeschool, and I want to preserve my pictures, but I also want to save time!

By the way, I got my material, and made one tutu. I ran out of supplies to make the other tutu, and I have one more project to cut out; which hopefully won’t take too long. I was gone all day yesterday, so I hope to finish my tackle.