Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crop Progress

Just thought I would share something Scrappy with you since I am the Scrapping Servant :o) We had another crop at my old church yesterday, and since I have my new method of picking and printing photos (as shared HERE) I was actually able to be productive! I got 2 whole two-page layouts done in about 10 hours (yes, I'm a very slow scrapper). It was wonderful, here they are...
Journaling:Oh Joshie! I can't even begin to say just how much you blessed me this day. With your wonderful attitude on 3 hours of sleep, your constant encouragement, the endurance of 3 hours on your knees, the wonderful praise of "you did it!", the adorable pride when you wanted to take JJ and show her off, the cuteness when you fell asleep holding her in your arms. I could never have done it without you my love.

Journaling: JJ was born at 7lbs 3oz and 20 inches, she was beautiful and had perfect health.

Just the next day we found out her weight went down to 6lbs 14.5 oz, it was hard news but the doctor assured us this was a perfectly normal thing.

The problem was that our little girl was not nursing well. She would not open her mouth big enough to latch on correctly so she was not getting enough milk. She would cry all the time because she was frustrated, and so would I. Josh would have to take her from me and calm her down so I could calm down, then we would try feeding all over again. This was a painful experience.

When she was four days old we both had a check-up scheduled as well as a photo shoot planned at Kiddie Kandids. We had a feeling she had not gained any weight yet especially since she was still not filling her clothes in. We found out she was down another 10.5 ounces, and I was not encouraged to learn that all this was not healthy for me either. I cried at my appointment as they told me not to even get JJ's pictures taken that day, but to just go home try nursing again and rest. Josh calmed me down, assured me that God had this handled, we got some BEAUTIFUL pictures and were glad at the decision we made.

When she was 6 days old she was looking so skinny in the bath it made me so sad, but I received some good advise to enjoy her when we weren't both frustrated and annoyed, so I ended up just sitting on the couch holding her a lot and taking sweet naps with her.

It wasn't until JJ was 11 days old that she finally started going up in weight, she gained 4 ounces bringing her up to 6lbs 8oz, and just 8 days later she made it back to her birth weight plus an added 2 ounces. Things were still hard, but from this point on we were slowly trudging uphill.

Products Used: MMM! For the first layout I finally got to use some of those yummy Crystals from Prima, along with some of the chipboard they sent me, some patterned cardstock from Crate Paper, and more of my glossy accents glue from Ranger.

For the second layout I used the Phoebe Collection of papers and monogram letters from Basic Grey. I also made my own rub-on with a transparency for the first time!


Joy said...

I can totally relate to your struggle! My DD was a difficult eater too. She was still below her birth weight at one month and I ended up pumping for her so she would have the "good stuff" in her system. It's great to hear your story!

Lauren said...

Thank you for sharing that. Hannah and I had a rough nursing relationship... Even though you never wish it on anyone, it is comforting to know it's normal.

Now at almost 2, you'd never know it took her so long to start gaining weight.

Rebecca said...

Those pages are so cute! I'm a slowish scrapper so I can relate! I need to try printing my photos the same way you do. How do you decide the sizes of each photo though? Do you already have the layout planned? Thanks for sharing the rub on tip - didn't even know you could do that!