Saturday, September 01, 2007

Altered Paint Cans

Okay ladies as I promised, the recipe is here. But now that I am finally posting it I'm remembering back to when I wasn't even willing to make one of these suckers, it took me forever just mulling over the idea before I made one. I didn't see the point, what would it be used for?

Well, let me tell you just in case you are as bad as I was... they can pretty much be used in the place of any gift bag, but even more cute and specific, like with themes of a spa retreat, a date/movie night, a wedding engagement, a baby shower and so on. They also make good raffle, card, donation, suggestion, or even supply buckets.

My first paint can was for a client's husband's retirement party about a year ago. The party was Mardi Gras themed, so I made her a themed can and some tags to match, she put it all on a table where people wrote their best wishes for her husband on the tags and put them in the can. I ended up making a custom album for her as well with the party pictures where I used the tags, it was wonderful... and I was sold!!! I have made about 40 cans since. Including the 16 I made recently for my dear friend's wedding reception centerpieces (pictured above). The possibilities are endless.

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Ann Larmore said...

RE: using the altered paint cans as wedding engagement gifts, how do you use them? what do you put in them? My son is getting engaged on Christmas day and I’d like ideas for what I can do to gift them after the engagement.

I am already planning on making their invitations, their signature book, etc. but any other ideas I would love. their wedding will be on a very tight budget.

Also, for the engagement dinner that day, I would like to make custom favors or decorations. any ideas?