Monday, July 02, 2007

Yes, I have a plan...

I know that when my kids someday leave me to have lives all their own (sniffle, sniffle) I don't want to be giving them a million scrapbook albums of their childhood. So I came up with a plan :o)

I've had this plan for a while but I am finally starting to work some of it out.

Each child of mine will have two albums. The first will cover birth to one year and the second will be from one year to eighteen years. The birth/baby album will be no problem, but in order to have 1 to 18 years in one album I will only be able to dedicate one or two layouts to each year.

My daughter's baby album is all done except for the last page that I am designing paper and a timeline of her milestones for. And I have been working on my son's baby album as you have seen from the layouts I sometimes share.

Since I have pretty much only been scrapping my son I miss scrapping my daughter, so I decided to go thru the pictures of her whole first year and pick which special ones will be for the first and second layouts. I even made a slideshow for you :o) And someday soon I will share the layouts with you. I have all the picture sizes planned and ready to print.

Of coarse this is not ALL I will be scrapping of my children. I will still have an ongoing family album for my husband and I, and when we are gone they can fight over their favorite layouts to divide them amongst themselves.

(If you click the video and go to the youtube site you can "watch it in high quality" by clicking on the link just under the right side of the video.)


Just a flipflop mom said...

ahhhhhhhhhh your daughter is amazingly cute!!!! I love this slide show!!!!!!!!!! Happy Scrapping... !!!! I actually did a few pages this weekend... I was super excited!!!

Rebecca said...

I've thought about what to do with the albums after my kids leave me before & have decided these things.

1. My kids will get their first year albums (2ea) when they settle down. When they are married or at least at a point in their life that I don't have to worry about them getting left behind or something happening to them due to a bad roommate or something. {I may be a little obsessive here & I'm okay with that}.

2. By the time they are out of the house I hope to have a 12x12 scanner/printer so I'll have all albums digitally on back up. I'll give them each a digital copy of the family albums and others and when I'm gone they can distribute the originals among themselves. In the end they'll each have a digital copy to print or just scan through on their computer.

I like your idea of doing an album highlighting each year until they are 18. When I finish my daughter's first year and catch up on family albums and other projects I'll keep that in mind.

Cute photos of your daughter by the way, looking forward to seeing the layouts!