Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Two week Tackle

I would like to get all of these things done in two weeks since I am realizing my hubby will be gone tonight, we will be gone to a picnic and family's house tomorrow for the 4th, and Thursday we are leaving to go camping! Plus Monday I have a doctor's appointment, Tuesday I am going to go see my mommy for her birthday, and Wednesday is my birthday! I think I'll break my weeks up...


  1. Go shopping for food.
  2. Make deviled eggs for tomorrow.

This week

  1. Laundry picked up, cleaned, folded and put away!
  2. Pack for camping by Thursday.
  3. Vacuum
  4. Finish Dishes
  5. Clean Kitchen

Next week

  1. Clean up camping mess.
  2. Move my sons crib out of my room into his sister's.
  3. Move the couch out of his new room into mine.

I'll add more later and let you know how I'm doing... thanks for keeping me accountable ladies :o)

OH!! I almost forgot to say I am also tackling the POTTY this week! My daughter is officially potty training! Pray for me to have patience, grace and kindness in this endeavor :o)


Just a flipflop mom said...

Praying on the potty training!! LOL LOL!! Sounds like an active rest of the week.. have fun!!
Oh can you make deviled eggs for my son.. he's been BEGGING for those lately... Ü

Barbara H. said...

What a busy couple of weeks you have coming up! Hope all goes well!

Sally Bradley said...

Have you heard of the Potty Training in a Day book?

I rolled my eyes when I first heard of it, but it works! And potty training was actually fun!

I did the other way with my oldest, the bribing, the M&Ms, the sitting there reading until he went.

Child two had a bladder the size of a camel. She'd go five hours between wet diapers. I couldn't get her to even accidentally go in the potty chair.

I was desperate so I bought the stupid book of Amazon. It worked. She was potty-trained in four hours (pulling her pants up & down herself, going & wiping by herself, emptying it into the big potty herself & FLUSHING!)

She had two accidents over the next 2 weeks and that was it. So wonderful! I tell everyone about this book.

Jewlsntexas said...

Hi there - I just wanted to invite you to jump in again with any new scrapbook pages you want to share at the Scrap Happy meme I am hosting at my blog!

And best wishes on that potty training thing!